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Crime, Rehabilitation & Community Safety Grants2022-06-14T15:04:05+01:00

Latest Funds For Prison Rehabilitation Programs, Crime Prevention & Community Safety

Explore the latest funds related to crime, rehabilitation and community safety. These funding opportunities are provided by various public bodies and charities which include community safety funds, community crime prevention funds, funding for rehabilitation of offenders, funding for prison rehabilitation programs and many others.

Community safety requires investment in crime prevention, as well as helping those to rehabilitate into society after prison.

If your organisation is seeking funding for a current or planned crime, rehabilitation and community safety programme, then the funding opportunities listed below may be of interest. 

List of all crime prevention, rehabilitation & community safety funds

To access the latest funding, simply click on the links to learn about each opportunity. Each description explains the objectives of the project, as well as details about who would be best suited for participation. 

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