WADA Social Science Research Grants Open to Applications

The purpose of WADA’s Social Science Research Grant Program is to encourage research in the social sciences and to obtain information which will enable the development of more efficient strategies that prevent or stop doping among athletes. Funding is available for collaborative research proposals where the applicant works with professional colleagues to obtain funding from sources in addition to WADA. Proposals that examine cultural differences and/or regional perspectives are particularly appealing.

A priority topic has been identified for the 2019 Call: Measure the effectiveness of existing anti-doping strategies and interventions for athletes and support personnel.

WADA may award a research grant to various types of organisations such as universities, colleges, small businesses, and for-profit or not-for-profit organisations. Grants will be allocated for projects, which shall be performed on a one-time basis, and solely by the investigators and associates or sub-contractors who are named in the grant application.

Projects must have a defined completion date, with a maximum duration of three years. Research proposals requiring more than three years for completion (eg, longitudinal studies; extensive clinical studies, prolonged intervention studies) will be considered for funding, however, the proposal must indicate how the project will be divided into phases. In addition, each phase of the project will require a new application for funding, and will compete with other applications submitted that year. Therefore, funding one phase of a longitudinal multi-phase project is not guaranteed for subsequent phases.

The following types of projects may be considered for funding:

New projects or subsequent phases of previously funded projects.

Projects currently or previously funded by other sources that explore a new aspect of the project, and not covered by other sources of funding.

Exploratory research where it is expected that the project’s outcomes could result in future grant applications that require more extensive funding.

The average budget of previously funded projects is:

One-year projects: US$20,000.

Two-year projects: US$30,000.

Three-year projects: US$65,000.

Applicants may request funds for direct costs only. WADA research grant funding covers only studies or components of studies that are not supported by other sources. Projects partly funded from other sources will be viewed favourably. Collaborating with other institutions will also be viewed favourably.

The deadline for applications is 14 July 2019.

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