UK Businesses Encouraged to Join Flexible Plastic Fund Initiative

Funding and support are available to UK businesses to incentivise their recycling of ‘flexible’ plastic items.

Businesses, retailers and recyclers based in the United Kingdom are invited to access funding and support through the new Flexible Plastic Fund initiative.

The fund seeks to improve the rate of recycling of ‘flexible’ plastic items including bags, wrappers, films, pouches, packets and sachets. The sponsoring manufacturers have mobilised the fund to help achieve this aim by guaranteeing a minimum value of £100 per tonne of recycled material.

The fund will work to deliver full traceability of exported plastics, from collection through to the creation of new products. Manufacturers contributing to the fund will then be able to access the Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs) generated by the scheme.

The fund has a total value of £1 million to support flexible plastic recycling initiatives.

Support may be accessed at any time.