Lump Sum Exit Scheme

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Farmers in England who wish to leave the industry will be supported by a new Government scheme which provides a lump sum payment, allowing them to exit the sector in a managed way.

The purpose of The Lump Sum Exit Scheme is to assist farmers who want to exit the industry to do so in a planned way and provide them with the means to make a meaningful choice about their future. The scheme will also free up land for new entrants to farming and those who want to expand their businesses.

The scheme is part of reforms set out in the Agricultural Transition Plan which outlines plans for a new, fairer system of farming that works in the best interests of farmers.

In return for their payment, farmers will surrender their entitlements and be expected to either rent or sell their land or surrender their tenancy, in order to create opportunities for new entrants and farmers wishing to expand their businesses.

The Government has also been working with in partnership with industry leaders, local councils and land owners to design a New Entrants scheme to create real opportunities for new farmers.

Funding body Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
Maximum value £100,000
Reference ID S47950
Category Rural Development & Agriculture

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