LGA Opens Digital Connectivity Programme for Councils in England

The Local Government Association (LGA) is providing funding to support council projects focused on enhancing the digital connectivity (both mobile and broadband) of local areas and leveraging those improvements in aid of supporting the various facets of recovery to help residents and the workforce to interact with the local authority in smarter, easier and more innovative ways.

This programme aims to support councils, at whatever stage of their digital connectivity journey, to enhance and leverage the connectivity of residents and employees. It will aim to fund a range of projects across different service areas and then share the learning with the sector to mainstream and reuse this learning in other councils.

LGA welcome a range of transformative proposals as well as those focused on capacity building.

Local authorities in England are eligible to apply.

Applications from groups of councils or those involving partner organisations will be accepted. Applications are limited to one per council, including where a council is a partner in a joint bid.

Each bid will be able to bid for up to £20,000 each. Councils are expected to match fund any funding received from the LGA

The deadline for applications is 12 November 2020.

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