LGA Housing Advisers Programme Opens for 2021/22

Funds of up to £20,000 available to support local authorities seeking to innovate in meeting the housing needs of their communities.

The Local Government Association’s (LGA’s) Housing Advisers Programme is designed to support local authorities deliver a project that helps meet the housing need of their local area.

The programme funds the provision of an independent adviser to offer bespoke expert support to local authorities undertaking a specific project that works towards – delivering homes, reducing homelessness, or generating savings or revenues.

The programme will aim to:

  • Make a significant difference to the housing crisis
  • Build capacity in councils, so there is a lasting impact long after the HAP funding ends
  • Ensure that projects can become sustainable in the longer term
  • Create learning about what works, so that the wider sector can benefit from the programme.

For 2021/22, the programme will prioritise strategic housing projects that will support councils and their communities to address COVID-19 and its wider impacts.

The programme will award up to £20,000 to each project for the purpose of securing expert advice in transforming how a service or partnership meets the housing need of communities.

Local authorities in England at all levels, either individually or as a partnership are eligible to apply.

If applicants are forming a partnership of councils (and other organisations), a single council must lead the project.

The deadline for applications is the 15 November 2021.

(This report was the subject of a GRANTfinder Newsflash.)