LGA Behavioural Insights Programme Opens for 2019/20

Building on previous phases of the programme, the Local Government Association (LGA) is looking to work with a new cohort of local authorities to contribute towards the delivery of a behavioural insights project aimed at managing service demand and achieving efficiencies.  

Behavioural insights have been used across public services to generate low cost interventions to improve policy outcomes. The approach is based on the idea that interventions aimed at encouraging people to make better choices for themselves and society will be more successful if they are based on insights from behavioural science.

The LGA will fund projects that focus on managing demand into overstretched local services. Successful projects will be required to make up the difference to commission a behavioural insights supplier. They will design and deliver an evidence based behavioural insights trial, to include a robust evaluation of the impact of the trial.

Local authorities (including all those not in membership of the LGA) are eligible to apply. National Parks and Fire and Rescue Services may also apply.

Grants of £20,000 each are available for eight projects.

The deadline for applications is 1 November 2019.

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