Ireland’s Reconciliation Fund Opens 2023 Application Round

A fund which provides grants to organisations working to foster improved community relationships within Northern Ireland and beyond is inviting applications.

Funding is available to organisations working to build better relations within and between traditions in Northern Ireland, between North and South, and between Ireland and Britain.

The Department of Foreign Affairs Reconciliation Fund awards grants to non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community groups, and voluntary organisations. From 2023, the Reconciliation Fund has moved to operating one annual funding round.

In line with the Reconciliation Fund Strategy 2021-2024‌‌, the fund’s priorities are rooted in two key overarching thematic pillars – ‘Repairing’ and ‘Building’. For 2021-2024, the Reconciliation Fund will focus its support on reconciliation and peacebuilding work that seeks to:

  • Repair those issues which lead to division, conflict, and barriers to a deeply reconciled and peaceful society.
  • Build a strong civil society that encompasses all communities, through the continued implementation of the Agreements and promoting a rights-based society, political stability and respect for all.

Grants are awarded for a 12-month period and can cover the direct cost of project activities, core operational costs, or capital costs.

The deadline for applications is 14 March 2023 (12 noon).

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