Investing in Northern Ireland’s Food Culture: Funding for Regional Initiatives

An annual programme for sectoral organisations in Northern Ireland for projects and activities that promote quality regional food and increase its consumption within Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain is inviting applications.

The Northern Ireland Regional Food Programme (NIRFP) provided by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) in collaboration with Invest Northern Ireland is accepting applications from not-for-profit groups, regional development agencies and registered charities to help support a sustainable and thriving rural economy by raising the profile of quality NI food.

Successful applicants can obtain up to 40% financial contributions on eligible project expenditure for regional fairs/exhibitions, seminars/workshops, or information programmes. A further management fee of 10% of total project costs may also be available, subject to budgetary constraints.

Applications are open for projects taking place between 1 May 2024 and 31 March 2025.

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