International Welsh Poetry Competition – 2024 Round Open

The eighteenth annual Welsh Poetry Competition has opened to applications. Its aim is to encourage and reward the abundance of creative writing talent that exists across the world but struggles for recognition.

This year the prizes break down as follows:

  • First prize: £500
  • Second prize: £250
  • Third prize: £100

There will also be 17 runners-up who will be mentioned on the funder’s website and published in a future anthology.

Budding writers and published authors are invited to submit a poem, in English, of fewer than 50 lines in length. The organisers wish to inspire entrants to capture life in the present day and provide an opportunity for them to compete on an equal footing and be recognised for their work.

Kathy Miles, award-winning poet, will judge the 2024 contest.

The deadline for receipt of entries is 30 June 2024.