Homes England Launches £1bn Fund to Regenerate Brownfield Land

New funding available to regenerate brownfield land and support the creation of new settlements in England.

Homes England will support a diverse range of partners, both public and private sector, to unlock strategic housing sites including housing-led, mixed-use opportunities where brownfield, infrastructure or land projects face delivery and/or viability challenges.

The primary objective of the Brownfield, Infrastructure and Land Fund is to bring forward strategic sites and housing-led opportunities which support economic growth and long-term housing supply, with at least 60% of activity focused on brownfield land – land that has been previously used and is now vacant, derelict and sometimes contaminated.

The fund supports the delivery of smaller, locally important sites, as well as larger-scale transformative projects of regional or national significance.

UK-registered corporate entities, limited liability partnerships (LLP), English local authorities, or public entities are eligible to apply.

Up to £1 billion is available for projects across England.

Funding support will be based on project need. This may include grant, loan or partnership equity, or a combination of these options. Homes England may also use the fund to directly acquire and de-risk land.

There are two routes to access funding:

  • Applicants can submit project proposals on a continuous market engagement (CME) basis
  • Homes England can directly develop the pipeline of proposals (including major projects), acting more strategically.

Applicants should contact Homes England to consider project needs and agree the most appropriate delivery solution.

(This report was the subject of a GRANTfinder Newsflash.)