Home Office Launch £25m Safer Streets Fund

Policing Minister, Kit Malthouse has announced the opening of the Home Office’s new £25 million Safer Streets Fund.

The purpose of the Safer Streets Fund is to invest in the delivery of local crime prevention plans, which deliver the outcome of reduced acquisitive crime through situational crime prevention.

Situational prevention includes opportunity reducing measures that:

Are directed at highly specific forms of crime

Involve the management, design or manipulation of the immediate environment in as systematic and permanent way as possible

Make crime more difficult and risky, or less rewarding and excusable as judged by a wide range of offenders.

In practice this can mean a range of interventions, including better home security, crime prevention advice to residents, or those that increase the chance of getting caught e.g. street lighting.

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) in England and Wales are eligible to apply. PCCs are asked to work with partners, to design and deliver local crime prevention plans.

The total amount of funding available is £25 million.

PCCs are able to submit up to three prioritised bids, each for a defined local area within their PCC geography that is persistently and disproportionately affected by acquisitive crime, with up to £550,000 grant funding being available per successful bid.

It is expected that 40-45 areas will be awarded funding.

The deadline for bids is 20 March 2020.

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