HMRC Offering £5.5 Million in Grants to the Voluntary Sector (UK)

Funding to provide advice and support to HMRC customers who need extra help understanding and complying with their obligations and claiming their entitlements.

HMRC is looking for voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations to help customers to form or rebuild a relationship with HMRC that enables them to engage directly with HMRC in the future.

There is a total of £5.5 million on offer for 2024-2027, equating to £1.835 million per year. This will be given out in grants of £30,000 to £600,000 per year, with a maximum threshold set at 50% of an organisation’s annual turnover.

Registered charities, voluntary and community organisations, social enterprises, mutual and co-operatives based in the UK can apply, provided they have an annual turnover of no less than £60,000.

Bids should support HMRC’s principles of support for customers who need extra help and include two or more of the following activities:

  • Help people comply with their tax affairs.
  • Support customers with complex needs (including those referred from the Extra-Support Team).
  • Support people to be able to use digital ways of accessing HMRC’s services.

VCS’s support is needed to help those customers HMRC currently find hardest to reach, or who cannot or will not interact directly with HMRC, for reasons that include geography, culture, language and trust.

There will be live Q&A sessions with the HMRC Grant Funding Team on 26 July 2023 and 8 August 2023.

The fund will open on 24 July 2023 and close at 23.59pm on 21 August 2023.

(This report was the subject of a GRANTfinder Newsflash.)