Hangar 51 Accelerator Open for Start-ups Testing Products and Services

Eligible start-ups from anywhere in the world may apply to participate in a ten-week business development and mentoring programme.

Hangar 51 is a ten-week programme which allows participants to trial their products at scale, whilst working closely alongside the International Airlines Group (IAG) senior management team and other experts. IAG is looking to test and trial promising products and services with airline customers.

Hangar 51 Ventures will not invest automatically as part of the accelerator. Instead, if participants raise money in the two years after the accelerator, they are asked to give Hangar 51 the option to invest €250,000 or 20% of the value of the next round.

Whilst participating in the programme, start-ups will also gain insights from subject matter experts through an education programme.

The current programme focuses on these key categories:

  • Travel Restart
  • Connected Operations
  • Sustainability
  • Data & AI
  • Future Energy
  • Enterprise Tech
  • Distributed Teams
  • Wildcard

Start-ups may apply from anywhere in the world. IAG is particularly looking to work alongside companies that specialise in data, business processes and improving airports. This year the accelerator will run virtually.

The deadline for applications 31 August 2021.