Funding to Support Domestic Abuse Safe Accommodation in England

Charities providing domestic abuse safe accommodation services in England have until 21 May to submit a bid for a grant of up to £100,000 to support revenue costs associated with maintaining existing services and additional capacity to meet increase in demand during the period 1 April to 30 September 2020.

The funding can help with:

Maintaining existing services (where not met by other income sources or fundable from existing resources of charity) such as:

Staffing costs for additional staff cover.

Purchasing of essential supplies, such as food and toiletries for residents where usual support channels are unavailable.

Meeting additional COVID-19 costs, such as deep cleaning.

Purchasing office equipment to enable remote working where this is practicable.

Costs of services for additional capacity to help address increased demand, including accommodation costs of additional bedspaces and staff to support these additional victims.

Applications are ‘strongly’ encouraged from consortiums of service provider partners.

The deadline for bids is 21 May 2020.

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