Dyers’ Company Launches Seed Capital Investment Fund

New businesses operating in the UK’s dyeing, textile production or colouration industries can access investment funding to help their enterprises gain traction.

The Dyers’ Company has launched a new Seed Capital Investment Fund designed to support innovation in, and the commercialisation of, business ideas with a link to colour or colouration.

The initiative is relevant to a range of industries/activities, including colour chemistry and science, food technology, healthcare (eg medical dyes), engineering, sustainable dyeing, textiles production for fashion and interiors.

Over time it is hoped that this fund will enhance the economic impact of colouration in the UK by the creation and ongoing support of new businesses, providing resources and mentoring for colour and colouration practitioners from across industries.

Initial investments of up to £25,000 per venture will be considered for fledgling businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to transform their innovative ideas into successful businesses. The fund is intended to enable applicants reach an identifiable commercial milestone, eg proof of concept prototype.

The scheme is open to UK residents only. Applicants should be looking to make innovative use of dyeing and or colouration in a commercial environment. Individuals considering setting up their own business in the industry of dyeing, textile production or colouration are welcome.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 28 February 2023.

(This report was the subject of a GRANTfinder Newsflash.)