Diet and Health Innovation: IUK Announces Early Stage Feasibility Competition

The Diet and Health Innovation: Early Stage Feasibility Projects Competition will support UK registered businesses and UK research organisations in the design and development of innovative food products to support sustained health and wellbeing.

Projects can be focused across the life course and are not restricted to older populations. They must have the potential to impact the nutritional quality of food and drink products consumed by the UK population.

Up to £2.5 million has been allocated to fund early stage feasibility studies. Each project’s total costs must be between £100,000 and £250,000.

The competition is open to collaborations only. To lead a project an organisation must be a UK registered business of any size or a research organisation eligible for UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funding.

The lead applicant and partners must be members of a Diet and Health Open Innovation Research Club (OIRC) hub.

The consortium must include at least one business and one research organisation, as a minimum. Collaborating organisations can be UK registered businesses of any size, academic institutions, charities, not for profits, public sector organisations or research and technology organisation (RTOs).

Applications are open between 14 February 2024 and 8 May 2024 (11:00).