Deadline Confirmed for 2022 Energy Globe Awards

The global awards acknowledge and reward large and small projects addressing climate change.

The Energy Globe Awards are presented annually to demonstrate existing and feasible solutions to many of the world’s biggest environmental problems.

The award focuses on projects that save resources, improve air, soil, or water quality, increase energy efficiency, use renewables, as well as anyone making a contribution to the fight against climate change. Projects can be entered by individuals as well as companies, organisations and public authorities. Several projects may be entered by a single competitor.

The competition runs in two stages. First, Energy Globe national awards are issued on a national level and presented in their respective country. Next, the best projects from each country are nominated for the Energy Globe World Award (international awards).

Projects can be submitted in the following award categories:

  • Earth Category – This category is about conservation and sustainable treatment of the planet. For example, projects on topics such as building materials, buildings, energy plants and traffic routes.
  • Fire Category – This category is about energy. For example, projects that involve energy production, the use of renewable fuels, energy distribution and transport, energy utilisation, and energy optimisation should be submitted to this category.
  • Water Category – Submissions to the water category can include projects in areas such as drinking water supply, domestic water, irrigation, protection of waterways, shipping, and avoidance and treatment of waste water.
  • Air Category – Any measures that contribute to improving air quality, including the avoidance of CO2 emissions, can be submitted in this category, including projects involving optimisation of combustion processes, reduction of greenhouse gases or emissions, indoor air quality, etc.
  • Youth Category – Any measures that promote sustainable thinking and action on the part of young people and any actions that young people implement for the benefit of the environment can be submitted under this category.
  • Special category ‘Sustainable Start-Ups’ This new category seeks to recognise start-ups in developing and emerging economies that have developed innovations that have transformative environmental benefits but also create new economic opportunities.

Only projects that have already been implemented or are nearing completion will be considered for the awards. Continuous projects and ongoing initiatives that have not yet been completed but are already showing initial results may also be entered.

The first prize in each category will receive €2,000 as well as substantial media coverage at an award ceremony broadcast worldwide.

The deadline for submissions to the 2022 award is 23 November 2021.