COVID-19 Support for Cross-border Island of Ireland Businesses

COVID-19 Support for Cross-border Island of Ireland Businesses

InterTradeIreland has launched two specific support schemes to address key business challenges related to coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Emergency Business Solutions Programme is offering the following:

Guidance and direction to relevant government support and help to apply, where feasible.

Emergency cash flow, people, supply chain.

Completion of lending applications for loan support.

Legal Issues (HR, employment and redundancy advice, contracts, advice on leases).

Helping businesses diversify to offer other products or services.

Rapidly repositioning a business strategy.

The scheme offers 100% financial support up to £2,000/€2,250.

The E-Merge Programme provides businesses with an opportunity to develop and/or improve their online presence. It offers access to a team of consultants who have specific skills in e-Commerce, online marketing and social media.

The programme provides £2,500/€2,800 fully funded consultancy support.

Small and medium-sized manufacturing or tradable service businesses registered on the island of Ireland (North or South) that are engaged in cross-border trade may apply for both schemes.

Applications are now open and can be made online via the InterTradeIreland website.

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