Chewing Gum Task Force Grant Scheme

Closing Date: 23/05/2022

Grants available to local authorities in the UK to tackle chewing gum staining.

The Chewing Gum Task Force Grant Scheme is open to councils across the UK who wish to clean the gum off the pavements in their local areas and invest in long-term behaviour change to prevent gum from being dropped in the first place. 

Councils can apply for one of four grant packages in 2022. All packages include a cash grant for cleansing, integrated with a bespoke prevention toolkit:

  • Individual street cleansing grant: Grants for individual council street cleansing
  • Partnership cleansing grant: Grants for two or more councils working together to achieve greater impact. BIDs can also be included in these partnerships, alongside two or more councils (the lead applicant must be a council)
  • Long Term Behaviour Monitoring and Evaluation Package: Funding towards individual council street cleansing, with an extended behaviour monitoring and evaluation package delivered by Behaviour Change Ltd
  • Innovative Targeting Package: Funding to be spent on the development and trial of innovative techniques for identifying priority sites in need of cleansing and for street cleansing activities. 

Councils can only make an application to one category.

Funding body Keep Britain Tidy
Maximum value £70,000
Reference ID S48369
Category Environment

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