Bòrd na Gàidhlig Accepting Applications for Gaelic Plans Fund

Public and Local Authorities across Scotland can apply for funding to deliver projects that support the development of the National Gaelic Language Plan.

Bòrd na Gàidhlig is offering grants of up to £25,000 for public and local authorities in Scotland to deliver new and strategic projects to help advance a faster rate of progress in delivering the core aims of the National Gaelic Language Plan 2018-2023:

  • Increasing Gaelic usage.
  • Increasing the learning of Gaelic.
  • Promoting a positive image of Gaelic.

Through the Gaelic Plans Fund (formerly known as the Gaelic Language Act Implementation Fund), a total of approximately £440,000 is available for projects that achieve one of the following aims:

  • Promoting Gaelic usage and building capacity for Gaelic development in the community, especially among young people.
  • Promoting the status, consistency, and availability of Gaelic through the general services and communications of the authority.
  • Strengthening Gaelic skills, promoting awareness of Gaelic and creating more opportunities to use Gaelic among public authorities and their staff.
  • Promoting the development and expansion of Gaelic education (GME and GLE) and adult learning of Gaelic.
  • Providing opportunities for young people to use Gaelic in the workplace and to develop work skills.

Arms-length organisations (ALEOs) of local authorities may apply but will be expected to demonstrate how their project will implement the Gaelic Language Plan of their parent public authority/authorities. Proposed projects should commence by 1 August 2023 and be fully completed by 31 August 2024.

The deadline for applications is 18 April 2023 (15:00).

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