April Deadline for Community Programme Addressing Antisocial Behaviour in Northern Ireland Youth

A funding programme for community organisations in Northern Ireland to support the delivery of activities to divert young people living in interface areas from becoming involved in sectarian activities, civil disorder or other types of anti-social behaviour is inviting applications.

The Planned Interventions Programme is administered by the Education Authority, a non-departmental body sponsored by the Department of Education in Northern Ireland. The programme seeks to enable the provision of positive alternatives for young people in interface areas and areas prone to social unrest, particularly during weekends, evenings and community events.

Applications will be accepted from voluntary, statutory and community sector organisations located in Northern Ireland. Each application must be for one individual group, with a minimum of 10 young people to a maximum of 25 young people. The following criteria apply:

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  • Groups can submit multiple applications for different cohorts of young people. Groups can only submit a maximum of three applications in total, and should prioritise their applications, based on assessed need. An applicant may also be named in further applications, as a partner (Delivery or Support).
  • Applications must demonstrate how they meet each of the following outcomes:
    • Outcome 1: Reduction in number of crime and antisocial behaviour incidents in the areas where the young people live.
    • Outcome 2: Reduction in the number of young people engaging in risk taking behaviours.
    • Outcome 3: Increase in the % of young people who think favourably about young people in the other community.

Each successful application will receive a maximum of £6,000. The funding is used to support the delivery of projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Target young people aged 9-25 years old. Programmes should deliver age-appropriate activities.
  • Focus delivery to engage and provide outcomes for young people against the three outcomes of the Planned Interventions Programme.
  • Delivery period is 1 June 2024 until 7 November 2024.

Applicants must demonstrate a good track record in delivering projects, completing financial monitoring, and submitting returns by set deadlines.