£10m Fund Launched to Support UK Foodbanks

The funding will help organisations running foodbanks with rising costs and demands.

Julia and Hans Rausing Trust has announced a new grants programme to further the efforts of foodbanks across the UK in tackling the growing food poverty crisis.

To be eligible to apply, organisations must:

  • Be not-for-profit.
  • Run a foodbank that has been running for six months or more which regularly gives out emergency food parcels at least once each week.
  • Have an annual income of between £25,000 and £1,000,000.
  • Not have reserves above one year’s running costs.

The minimum amount which can be applied for is £500. The Trust does not give out grants that are greater than 20% of an organisation’s annual expenditure – though this should not be considered a target amount to request.

Grants can be used to cover costs associated with all aspects of foodbank service provision including rent, staffing and storage and distribution costs.

Applications must be submitted by 6 December 2022 (4pm).

(This report was the subject of a GRANTfinder Newsflash.)