Water4All European Partnership

Closing Date: 31/10/2022

European Co-funded Partnership proposing a portfolio of multi-national, multi-faceted and cross-sectoral approaches, encompassing policy, environmental, economic, technological and societal considerations to enable water security for all in the long term.

The objectives presented by Water4All are:

  • To provide solutions to the current and increasing water crisis in the context of the Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • To strengthen scientific evidence for new policies or update existing ones.
  • Supporting efficient collaboration and integration of EU, MS and international R&I activities in a multi-actors innovative approach.
  • Increase implementation of solutions and therefore global impacts.

The Water4All Partnership will address freshwater security challenges in:

  • Inland surface waters: rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands.
  • Transitional and coastal waters (hyporheic zone, estuaries, coastal lagoons).
  • Underground water, including the vadose groundwater zone and the saturated zone (capillary fringe, plus ground water).

Water4All adopts a systemic approach from source to sea, and therefore considers all kinds of territories crossed by freshwater streams: urban areas as well as rural areas.

The partnership will deploy a broad range of activities along the whole R&I chain of values including joint Calls, as well as joint activities beyond calls designed to achieve the proposed objectives.

Funding body European Commission
Maximum value Discretionary
Reference ID S48860
Category Environment
Fund or call Fund