Scottish Marine Environmental Enhancement Fund (SMEEF)

Closing Date: 30/06/2022

Funding is available to enable investment in tangible, effective marine and coastal restoration projects in Scotland, undertaken by organisations across all sectors.

The Scottish Marine Environmental Enhancement Fund (SMEEF) has been established to fund marine and coastal restoration. It supports projects aiming to recover, restore or enhance the health of marine and coastal habitats and species. Using science-based criteria, grants will be distributed on a competitive basis to projects across Scotland.

SMEEF intends to be an effective long-running, funding mechanism that will:

  • Help meet the challenges of the climate and biodiversity emergencies.
  • Restore marine habitats and address the biodiversity crisis.
  • Take a systems view, connecting interventions and considering full ecosystems and life cycles across the Scottish marine seascape.
  • Provide demonstrable corporate social responsibility opportunities.
  • Encourage wider research and development.

SMEEF will have two grant funds – the practical Restoration, Recovery or Enhancement (RRE) Grant and Research Grants. At this time, only the RRE fund is open. The aim is to launch the Research fund later in the year.

The Fund will accept voluntary donations from users of the marine environment such as shipping, aquaculture, fisheries, renewable energy, oil and gas, and use it to create a grant pot for projects which enhance the natural capital these sectors rely on.

The priority outcomes for RRE grants are:

  • Improvements in the status of marine and coastal habitats and species including measures of habitat extent and condition; species abundance and population health; and issues of connectivity and the maintenance of natural process and functions.
  • Enhancing the provision of ecosystem services, such as boosting resilience to coastal flooding and erosion; increasing carbon storage; improving water quality; or supporting cultural values.

Ideally projects will combine these outcomes with broader social benefits, eg measures of wellbeing, economic development or community capacity building.

Funding body Scottish Government
Maximum value £100,000
Reference ID S48535
Category Environment
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