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GRANTfinder supports organisations from local community groups to local authorities to fully realise their projects by bridging the gap between new ideas and external funding. Our extensive experience, expertise and database of global opportunities will keep you ahead of the competition and help fast track your project to success.

Our expertise

Our knowledgeable team is constantly working to bring you the most up-to-date funding opportunities and relevant news. We make funding more accessible by taking complex grant specifications and presenting them in a user-friendly format to get you straight to the information that matters, saving you time in identifying the right fund for your organisation.

Our experience

For the past few decades, GRANTfinder has been at the forefront of the many changes that have seen the funding landscape evolve into what it is today. As trends come and go, and funding providers respond to the demands of the current economic situation, we have worked closely with our clients who are directly affected by changes to better inform our own products and services to help provide the most relevant and useful support. With an increasing emphasis from government to find alternative funding sources, GRANTfinder ensures that a wide range of funders are reported daily to help give your organisation the best chance of success.

The product

As Europe’s largest and most comprehensively supported database of its type – GRANTfinder is a service you can rely on. It offers a user-friendly, accurate and continuously updated product that has helped to secure of millions of pounds worth of support for clients across the public, private, and voluntary and community sectors.

Additional support

GRANTfinder offers continued support through our training courses, consultancy advice, and one-to-one support through an assigned account manager who will help you with your funding queries, even after funding has been secured.



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