Our international team of consultants will help guide you through every stage of the funding process and throughout the lifecycle of your project

Preparing a proposal and submitting it for funding approval can be a complex and time-consuming process, with a different set of challenges at each stage. Our experienced team can work with you to simplify and better organise the identification process, offering professional advice and support to ensure success throughout during the application and grants management stages.

We’ll also help you identify funding opportunities and support the formation of national and international project team. We advise on requirements, European rules and regulations and also help with drafting business cases and support during the lobbying process.

  Our team will help you with:

Full application support – we’ll help with writing, managing and coordinating grant proposals; developing strategy and framework; supplying partners with necessary information; distributing tasks; monitoring planning and liaising with grant authorities

Advice on funder requirements, rules and regulations

Procedural and financial support – coordinating information gathering (funding applications often require a lot of extra documents, including copies of bank accounts, chamber of commerce documents; de minimis state aid declarations, etc.)

Drafting business cases and support on the lobbying process

Benchmarking against similar organisations (where funding information is available)

Reviewing your grant proposal – ensuring the project is well structured, the proposal addresses the call topic and expected impact appropriately, the project answers a market and/or societal need, and that the work plan is clear

Strategic use of grant projects (road mapping, partnerships, human resource management)

Practical workshops and training courses covering essential financial and administrative project management


Our project management and monitoring also includes the publication of internal and external results, and the preparation of reports. Contact us for an assessment of your funding requirements.


Supporting you at every step of your funding journey