We offer support on implementing an appropriate, consistent and target-oriented communication strategy to back your compliance measures.

Compliance is more than just obeying laws, it’s a key requirement for long-term sustainable success. Reliability, continuity and trust can only exist in an organisation if it’s clearly committed to compliance.

Ensuring that your organisation is compliant with current laws and can demonstrate robust policies is an expectation of all funding bodies. Demonstrating that your staff fully understand all legal implications in their day-to-day activities can be more challenging.

Idox Compliance offers online compliance training to help staff understand data protection, online security, competition law, gender equality and much more.

  We offer:

Management support – from consultation and analysis through to design and implementation, we help organisations implement a full compliance programme across the business.

e-learning programmes –our training can be customised and expanded to suit the needs of your business, offering basic and advanced web-based compliance training to all staff.

Communication solutions – we support the development of a targeted communications campaign, ensuring compliance messaging is introduced in an effective, relatable manner.

Tools and platforms – our solutions ensure transparency and efficient documentation processes – from learning management systems to compliance measurement technology and whistle-blowing platforms – our suite of solutions support the development of a comprehensive compliance strategy.


Learn more about our compliance solutions at www.compliance.idoxgroup.com



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