Are you ready to look for funding but unsure which is the best grants programme for you? First, make sure you have checked you are prepared for funding, and that your project idea is an attractive proposition to funders.

In this next article, GRANTfinder will take you through the steps to simplify the process of identifying funding for your project.

Can I apply to this fund?

When identifying funding, checking the eligibility of your organisation (and partners if you are submitting a joint or consortium bid) is essential.

Read the funding programme’s guidelines to check the:

  • Eligibility of your organisation and partners - do you each meet eligibility guidelines?
  • Total number of partners - does your project include the number, and appropriate remit, of partners specified by the funder?
  • Are all partners legally registered and constituted?

Is my project eligible for this fund?

As well as ensuring your organisation meets the funding programme’s eligibility criteria, it is equally important to check the eligibility of your project.

  • Geographical location – is the project taking place in a qualifying area?
  • Do the expected outcomes of the fund match the proposed outcomes of your project?
  • Do your activities match those expected by the funder (eg capital investment, training, marketing)?
  • Beneficiaries – does your target audience match that of the key beneficiaries the funder cites in the programme?

How much funding do I need?

Does the amount of funding provided justify the work involved in submitting the application? Is match funding required?

When should I submit an application?

Most funding programmes will have their own set timetable, including deadlines for applications. You should consider if the funder will be able to make a decision and award funding to the timescale needed to deliver the project.

Are you wondering what’s next in the funding process?

Would you like more support with the next step in the funding process? Read our next article 'Working with partners' and learn the steps to simplify the process of identifying funding for your project.

Alternatively, GRANTfinder has created a Funding Toolkit which provides guidance on the 7 key steps to funding success in one document. This includes information on identifying funding, working with partners, and tips on how to write a successful application.

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