Do you have a project that needs funding, but you don’t know where to begin? Then start here. With over 30 years’ experience of helping organisations to find, apply, and manage funding, GRANTfinder knows how you can maximise your funding potential to accelerate your project to success.

Whilst different funding programmes will operate their own criteria and work to their own priorities, this guide will help you to navigate those areas that are universal to funding and to ask the important questions to get you prepared for funding.

Are you ready to get funding ready?

My project needs funding – where do I start?

Before you start filling in an application form, and even before you search for available grants, you must first test your organisation’s appetite for funding.

Like any large-scale project, applying for funding will need backing from senior management. It’s important that senior managers are briefed on how funding may help to deliver the aims of your project or indeed the wider strategic direction of the company.

My managers are on board - what do I do now?

Coupled with enthusiasm for applying for funding should be an understanding that success will require project management resource, buy-in from the Finance team (who will need to lend support in terms of auditing) and a commitment to developing strong working relationships with required partners.

The team is organised – am I funding ready?

Other factors to consider before you can be confident that you are funding ready include:


The funding process can take time – from initially determining which programme is the best fit for your project to getting commitment from potential partners on their participation in any potential consortium


Visiting potential partners at their premises presents a good opportunity for you to measure whether the organisation is a good fit (for example, gaining a better insight into the working culture, structure and approach). Skype and teleconferencing are useful tools where a potential consortium has a large number of partners in different countries. This is often the case for European projects.


As well as having to dedicate staff time to the project, you will also need to ensure that you have the tools in place to help you deliver, for example, suitable administration systems, timesheeting software etc.


OK I am ready for funding, what next?

Would you like more support with the next step in the funding process? GRANTfinder has created a Funding Toolkit which provides guidance on the 7 key steps to funding success – including identifying funding, working with partners, and tips on how to write a successful application.

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