Faraday Battery Challenge Round 6

Closing Date: 12/07/2023

Funding is available for UK businesses, academic organisations and research and technology organisations (RTO) to undertake feasibility and collaborative R&D projects focused on innovation in propulsion battery technologies for electric vehicles.

Innovate UK is investing in innovation projects in propulsion battery technologies for electric vehicles across two competition strands. The Faraday Battery Challenge (FBC) aims to:

  • Ensure the UK automotive sector meets its net zero commitments in the required timescale, by enabling the development and scale-up of sustainable battery technologies.
  • Ensure the UK prospers from a just and fair transition to electrification, by taking action to develop a world class intellectual and physical supply chain for batteries in the UK.

The competitions aim to:

  • Support business-led research and development of sustainable propulsion batteries.
  • Support technologies with the potential to enter the automotive market and, where appropriate, allow for early or synergistic entry into other sectors.
  • Move UK battery innovations from technological potential towards commercial capability.
  • Develop and secure material and manufacturing supply chains for battery technologies in the UK.

The two strands are:

  • Faraday Battery Challenge Round 6Innovation: Collaborative Research and Development (CR&D)
  • Faraday Battery Challenge Round 6 Innovation: Feasibility Studies

This CR&D strand will support the research and development of the most promising, innovative and sustainable battery technologies for the propulsion of electric vehicles in the automotive sector​.

Feasibility studies will:

  • Draw on the most exciting, high potential impact, early-stage research where a feasibility study of 3 to 12 months, can catalyse the route to commercialisation.
  • Support short-term focused projects which could open avenues for overcoming big challenges in manufacturing or other critical processes for advancing the technology.
Funding body Innovate UK (IUK)
Maximum value £1,750,000
Reference ID S50408
Category Environment
Business Support
Research & Development
Transport, Infrastructure & Communications (ICT)
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