Emerging Energy Technologies Fund – Hydrogen Innovation Scheme

Closing Date: 13/08/2022

This scheme has been created to support innovative renewable hydrogen production, storage and distribution solutions as well as the development of test and demonstration facilities in Scotland.

The Hydrogen Innovation Scheme will provide capital support over the next four years to drive innovation within the hydrogen sector and accelerate its production. This aim is to unlock additional private investment in the technology, and enable new companies to enter the sector.

The first round of funding will target projects that support:

  • The low-cost, efficient and sustainable production of renewable hydrogen.
  • Efficient hydrogen storage and distribution, both within Scotland and for export.
  • The efficient integration of hydrogen into the energy system.

The objectives of the scheme are to:

  • Support innovation in hydrogen production, storage and distribution technology to reduce the cost of hydrogen produced in Scotland.
  • Enable Scottish companies not currently active in the hydrogen sector to transition or diversify their operations to help anchor the hydrogen supply chain in Scotland.
  • Encourage collaboration between the private sector and academia.
  • Attract additional investment in Scottish hydrogen innovation activity.
  • Support Scottish companies to partner internationally to drive innovation and build and export Scottish capability/expertise.
  • Support the development and use of Scotland’s world-class test and demonstration facilities.
Funding body Scottish Government
Maximum value £2,000,000
Reference ID S48698
Category Business Support
Research & Development
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