£1m to Help England’s Seafood Businesses Sell Catches During COVID-19 Difficulties

£1m to Help England's Seafood Businesses Sell Catches During COVID-19 Difficulties

Wednesday, 29 April, 2020

The Government has opened a new scheme to fund projects enabling seafood businesses to increase their supply of local seafood to domestic markets.

The £1 million Domestic Seafood Supply Scheme (DSSS) has been set up to help seafood businesses in England increase the supply of local seafood to domestic markets. The aim is to help those fishing and fish processing sectors that are adversely affected by the downturn in export markets due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Applications are invited for projects that support the industry to adapt to domestic sales and be equipped for local and regional distribution, for example with plant and equipment to help with local seafood processing, or assets that can be shared at port, such as storage and refrigerated vans.

In the longer term, the fund interventions will assist local economies of coastal communities, to help increase domestic consumption of seafood, improve food security and help ensure the UK population has ready access to a healthy and nutritious food source.

Applications will be considered for grants up to £100,000. Applicants may apply for all or part of the total cost of the project.

Fisheries Minister, Victoria Prentis said:

'This new grant scheme, part of a £10 million lifeline for our fisheries sector, will help our fishing industry find new markets for their catch during this challenging time which has seen falling prices and a downturn in restaurant and export sales.'

The deadline for applications is 11 May 2020 (12:00 BST).

Development is also underway to provide other support for the aquaculture sector under the Fisheries Response Fund (FRF). An announcement is planned soon.

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