Arts Council England – Libraries Improvement Fund

Closing Date: 27/06/2022

Funding available to enable library services across England to invest in a range of projects to upgrade buildings and technology.

The aims of this fund are to: 

  • Enable libraries to develop more flexible, more commercial spaces 
  • Increase and improve digital access within communities 
  • Connect libraries to their communities 
  • Increase potential for transformation 
  • Increase library use  
  • Increase sustainability of libraries.

The outcomes expected from this investment are:  

  • More community groups using library space 
  • Increased number of users accessing collections and services 
  • Increased users accessing makerspace technology 
  • More revenue taken in commercial income 
  • Increased number of PCs/devices available to users 
  • Fewer libraries running outdated operating systems  
  • Extension of available hours 
  • Increased number of co-located services.
Funding body Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)
Maximum value £500,000
Reference ID S48512
Category Transport, Infrastructure & Communications (ICT)
Sport, Tourism & Leisure
Community Development
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