APC 22: Industrialising Net-zero Automotive Technology Competition

Closing Date: 07/09/2022

UK businesses and partners can access funding for late-stage research and development projects that help accelerate the UK towards a net-zero automotive future.

The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) provides funding, support and insight in developing automotive technologies. It aims to support the UK’s transition towards net zero product manufacturing and supply chain in the UK automotive sector.

Through this competition, Innovate UK (IUK) is looking for collaborative, pre-production research and development (R&D) projects that:

  • Support the UK’s long-term capabilities through securing long term R&D investment.
  • Can be achieved through its associated supply chain in the design, build and manufacture of zero carbon tailpipe emission vehicles.

Projects must look to fulfil both these criteria, to ensure the UK meets the future demand of vehicle-makers.

Projects must demonstrate the development of on-vehicle technologies, (including material, product and manufacturing processes) for on or off-road vehicles.

Projects must address one of the following:

  • Accelerate the development of technologies capable of low and zero tailpipe emissions, considering their associated ‘cradle to grave’ supply chains, up to and including end of life.
  • Demonstrate a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions leading to air quality improvements.

APC is particularly looking for projects that support the UK’s long-term supply chain, associated capabilities and growth aspirations.

Funding body Innovate UK (IUK)
Maximum value £20,000,000
Reference ID S48763
Category Business Support
Research & Development
Transport, Infrastructure & Communications (ICT)
Fund or call Fund