We provide a range of products that cover a wide variety of funding opportunities, whether it is to support innovative research projects, strengthen your local organisation or to benefit your whole community

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The UK’s most comprehensive funding repository that offers information on thousands of funding programmes including grants, loans and awards from local, regional and national UK government, European funding, charitable trusts and corporate sponsors.

The pioneering service saves time and money and has helped its users secure millions of pounds worth of support.

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An innovative service providing key details on thousands of research funding opportunities, from obscure funders to European and international programmes, available to the research community.

Updated in real time, the research funding portal connects academics and research teams with the most relevant funding opportunities. User-friendly and intuitive tools and features support this process.

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A suite of public-facing funding search portals designed for organisations who support the local business and voluntary sector communities.

Open 4 Funding enables local groups and businesses to ‘self serve’ and search for their own funding at the point they need it, removing the requirement for any involvement from the host organisation but still allowing it to capture stats on areas of interest in the local community and measure success rates.

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Housing thousands of policy documents, including extensive coverage of Bills, Reviews, Consultations and White Papers, POLICYfinder provides clients with an opportunity to understand the wider funding landscape making it the ultimate one-stop-shop of European and UK policy information.


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