A local authority’s success in securing investment through GRANTfinder

Subscribing to GRANTfinder has secured Caerphilly County Borough Council £100,000 in 2017 alone.

The Council, located in south-east Wales and covering a mix of urban and rural settlements, provides services benefiting the local population including community wellbeing, housing, business enterprise and rural development.

Here, the Council’s lead advocate for GRANTfinder, Business Support & Funding Manager Antony Bolter, explains what he values about the authority’s access to the service.

“The income generated through GRANTfinder has far outweighed the cost of our subscription.
We’ve been successful in
securing funds for a variety of added-value projects that meet and exceed our priorities.”

Antony Bolter, Business Support & Funding Manager, Caerphilly County Borough Council

Why we invested in GRANTfinder

We made the decision to purchase GRANTfinder primarily as a resource for identifying funding streams to support the Council’s key priorities. GRANTfinder allows an authority like ours to sign-up multiple users across all departments, allowing a drill-down to niche interests. Instead of casting a wide net for funds without a plan in place for spending, we can undertake searches in a tactical manner, marrying up our local needs with relevant funding pots.

What we value most

We believe the power of the service is only as strong as the commitment of officers to use it, so we’ve spread the word about GRANTfinder’s benefits. We’ve established a group of stakeholders across different departments including housing, social services, community safety, regeneration, tourism and business development.

The group meets quarterly to discuss successes and to maintain momentum. Sharing of ideas on project approach can pave the way to unearthing more funding opportunities. Like all local authorities, we are feeling the pressures of national government cuts, but are hopeful that attracting funding through GRANTfinder can ease constraints on our own resources.

GRANTfinder paying its way

The income generated through GRANTfinder has far outweighed the cost of our subscription. We’ve been successful in securing funds for a variety of added-value projects that meet and exceed our priorities, including new playgrounds and sports facilities.

As well as reporting on live opportunities, GRANTfinder lists those not presently calling for applications. This intelligence allows us to build up a portfolio of potential partners for both future projects and those where we need an alternative source of funding as part of an
exit strategy.

Adding value beyond statutory provision

National government cuts mean councils must increasingly focus on statutory provision. For us, GRANTfinder is about adding value – making sure our residents and local groups can access the support they require. Whilst health provision and social care are high on everyone’s agenda, the non-statutory areas around them such as health improvement measures and social care resources are critically important to improving the quality of people’s lives. GRANTfinder is a vital source of non-mainstream funding and accessing funding for health improvements ultimately means less future demand on health services; exactly where cuts are being felt. This need alone forms a compelling argument for the GRANTfinder service.

Choosing GRANTfinder

The authority has always had a commitment to sourcing external funding opportunities and all areas of the council are touched by the need for funding. Previously procurement processes have only ever identified ‘light-touch’ systems, and without the plethora of information with a robust back-end support. We seldom see information coming from elsewhere which we’ve not already seen on GRANTfinder.

Ongoing support

We know that GRANTfinder has researchers dedicated to reporting opportunities very efficiently and alerting them to us speedily, through news
and updates. My own acid test on  the responsiveness of GRANTfinder’s research team came when a pot of Welsh Government funding appeared on GRANTfinder before we’d even received notice from the Welsh Government. Knowing that there’s a team of people maintaining this huge repository of information all day every day gives us peace of mind.

We’re confident that being a holistic service, GRANTfinder will remain at the heart of our mission to bring additional funds into Caerphilly.

As well as delivering time and resource savings, GRANTfinder is renowned for its extensive funding content, easy-to-use functionality, reporting capabilities, and supporting services like training and consultancy. This all-round offer of information, experience and expertise is what enables UK’s leading public sector bodies, private businesses, consultants and charitable and voluntary sector organisations to identify and secure the most relevant funding for their projects.

For more information about how GRANTfinder is helping hundreds of organisations maximise their funding potential, request a demo here.

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Customer Stories

GRANTfinder enables its users to discover funding opportunities they may not have had the time to source themselves. This easy access to funding has meant that over the years, our users have discovered millions of pounds worth of funding for projects that would not have been possible without our tools, as well as support to help bridge the gap between project ideas and grants.

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